Commercial property development

We work with clients through each stage of the complex process to deliver the development and ensure maximum value is extracted. For each project we put together the best team of experts with the right skills to ensure its success from inception to completion. We have long-standing relationships in the private sector with investors and developers and in the public sector with enterprise companies, agencies and local authorities. We are able to combine our experience and expertise to create innovative solutions delivered with a consistent standard of service. Our advice includes:

  • Identifying sites and assisting with land assembly.
  • Advising on planning issues affecting the potential of sites.
  • Advising on the content of the development and the market potential of various alternative uses, supported by property market research.
  • Valuation of sites and projections for completed property developments
  • Identifying suitable developers and advice on securing funding.
  • Managing the development/planning team of architects, engineers, transport consultants and environmental consultants.
  • Negotiating and securing planning permission including minimising planning gain and the terms of Section 75 Agreements.
  • Project manage the building contract and site infrastructure works.
  • Marketing the completed property development for lease or sale.
  • Selling the completed property development as an investment.